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Why has my WeChalet listing been deactivated?
Why has my WeChalet listing been deactivated?

If your listing has been deactivated, you may not have complied with some of our Terms and Conditions.

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It is important to carefully consider our Terms and Conditions when posting on WeChalet.

Thus, your listing could be deactivated when:

  • Successively, you let several contact requests expire without responding to them in less than 24 hours.

  • Successively, you refuse several booking requests because of double reservations due to the non-synchronization of your WeChalet calendar with that of other platforms on which you display the same listing.

  • You consistently take more than 24 hours to approve a reservation request.

  • You encourage travelers to communicate outside of our secure platform before making a reservation.

  • You encourage travelers to transact offsite.

  • Your content does not comply with our Terms and Conditions and the non-discrimination policy of the WeChalet platform.

In either of these cases, your listing may be deactivated.

To have your listing reactivated, please contact us.

As a host, you can also manually block dates from your calendar or pause your listing if you don't want travelers to contact you or when you aren't able to accommodate them.

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