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How to complete my Airbnb imported listing on WeChalet
How to complete my Airbnb imported listing on WeChalet

Here are the steps to publish your imported Airbnb listings on WeChalet

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Note that all the listings in your Airbnb profile will be imported and will be in draft mode in your WeChalet profile.

You only have a few steps left to complete in order to publish your listings on WeChalet. Remember that your listing will need to be validated by a member of the WeChalet host integration team.

  1. Log in to your WeChalet account.

  2. Click on Host Mode, then go to the Management menu.

  3. Your imported listings are in draft mode. Click on Edit.

Now, navigate through the tabs at the top of the page:

  • Location: Since the address is not public, you need to enter this information to place your properties correctly on the WeChalet map. If your address doesn't appear on Google, please refer to the following article: How to fix a missing address or wrong pin location on WeChalet? | WeChalet Help Center

  • Space: In this menu, you need to enter details about the type of space you wish to advertise. For more detailed information, consult the article: What are the different types of properties and spaces that you can display on WeChalet? | WeChalet Help Center

  • Amenities and activities: Some fields are transferred during import, but since platforms have unique purposes, it's crucial to ensure the consistency of all available information. Make sure all available amenities and services are correctly checked. This includes supplies such as towels, toilet paper, and sheets. This accuracy will reduce questions during the reservation process.

    For activities, check those available in your region, up to about a 45-minute drive. Activities are an important search criterion for travelers during booking.

  • Photos: Your Airbnb photos will all be imported with their captions. However, we don't control the language of the importation. If captions are in English, we recommend translating them, but you can also leave the English version separated by a /.

    It's important to add a caption to each photo and don't hesitate to name your property in the caption. For example: "Cozy living room with fireplace and view of Lake Three Fish, Chalet Three Fish, Mont Ste-Douceur, Quebec." This contributes to web referencing and helps travelers understand the image.

  • Description: If you offer short-term rentals, you must enter your CITQ information. Please refer to the section: Where can I add my CITQ number in my WeChalet listing? | WeChalet Help Center

    Your Airbnb description has been imported in one language. For your translations, we recommend using the DeepL tool.

  • The description is a very important element directly related to the performance of your listing in converting to bookings. All fields are there to allow you a complete description. I invite you to consult an example by clicking here: Example of descriptions.

  • Reservation settings: It is in this very important tab that you will set up the various booking settings for your property. You must choose the type of reservation, enter your rules, arrival and departure times, minimum number of nights required, open your booking calendar, and your cancellation policy.

  • Pricing: In this tab, you will need to enter your base pricing, which will automatically apply to all dates. This doesn't necessarily mean setting your lowest price. If you have questions about your pricing, see the following article: Maximizing your revenue with dynamic pricing on WeChalet | WeChalet Help Center

    You will also need to indicate the price for your cleaning fee, the amount of the security deposit you request, fees for additional guests, special service fees, and discounts for weekly or monthly stays. Visit this page for more information: What do I need to know about setting the rental price for my property? | WeChalet Help Center

  • Calendar: In this section, you can perform all tasks related to your property's calendar. Including special pricing, synchronizing availability with other platforms or PMS, adding notes, blocking or making certain dates available, and requesting special minimum stays for long weekends or highly demanded periods.

  • Guest amenities: Please note that WIFI information, house manual, and self-check-in instructions are not automatically sent to booked travelers. We plan to offer a scheduled communication feature on WeChalet in the future. You will be notified when this feature becomes available. In the meantime, you can easily copy and paste your information into messages sent to travelers.

  • Status & Taxes: In this menu, you can change the status of your listing. You have the option to publish it, pause it, or deactivate it.

    Regarding taxes, if you have your tax numbers, you can enter them. If you want us to collect taxes on your behalf, you must enter your GST and QST numbers without spaces, respecting the correct number of characters. Otherwise, WeChalet will collect and remit taxes to the government. Remember that we also take care of the lodging tax, which is collected and remitted to the government directly.

Validation of your listing: The host integration team will contact you to validate your listing, ensure that all your listing parameters are optimal, and answer any questions you may have. You can schedule an appointment immediately to expedite the process and maximize your visibility faster. WeChalet Listing Validation Appointment.Maintenant, parcourez les onglets au haut de la page :

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