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How to complete a pre-approved WeChalet booking?
How to complete a pre-approved WeChalet booking?

To complete a pre-approved WeChalet booking, log into your profile and follow the steps to complete the reservation from the Inbox

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When booking a reservation on WeChalet, we strongly recommend reaching out to the host directly to assess the availability of their property for your desired dates.

Hosts usually respond promptly, so you can quickly confirm if your preferred dates are available. Some hosts may have specific prerequisites for travelers. These prerequisites could include minimum stay durations, maximum guest limits, or certain guest criteria.

After reviewing your request and ensuring that your preferred dates align with their prerequisites, the host will pre-approve your reservation.

Once you receive a pre-approval from the host, you can confidently proceed to finalize your reservation through WeChalet's platform. This ensures that both you and the host are on the same page, and your booking is officially secured.

To complete a pre-approved booking, simply follow these steps:

  1. Log in your account on

  2. Go to the messages Inbox in the top menu.

  3. Find the reservation that was pre-approved.

  4. Follow the steps to complete the reservation from the Inbox

Contacting the host before paying for your reservation on WeChalet is a simple yet crucial step to ensure a successful booking experience.

It allows you to confirm availability, review any traveler prerequisites, and obtain a pre-approval from the host. By following these best practices, you can enjoy your stay with peace of mind, knowing that you've communicated effectively with your host. Happy booking!

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