When travellers contact you, it is necessary that you respond to them as soon as possible. 

Therefore, the deactivation of your WeChalet ad can generally be related to your responsiveness as a host to booking requests and questions from travellers. Thus, your ad could be disabled when:

  • Successively, you let several bookings and information requests expire.
  • Successively, you refuse several booking requests due to double booking because of the non-synchronization of your WeChalet calendar with other platforms calendars on which you display the same listing.
  • You constantly take more than 24 hours to approve a booking request.
  • Its content does not comply with the conditions of use and the non-discrimination policy of the WeChalet platform.

In either case, your listing will be automatically deactivated. 

To have your listing reactivated, please contact us.  

As a host, you can also manually deactivate your listing if you do not want travellers to contact you. You also have the opportunity to do this when you are not able to accommodate them. You will then have to put your listing in pause mode

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