After your departure, your WeChalet host has 7 days to request a deduction from the security deposit, which can be used to cover any damage you may have caused.

Any request for deduction at WeChalet follows a procedure.

The host must firstly be able to provide us with evidence and documentation that prove the damages the guest caused. When he makes a request to us, you are notified by e-mail and given a deadline to respond to that request. You will respond to this message by indicating your agreement or disagreement with the request by the host.

In the case that the host's request is validated, the amount is deducted from your security deposit by WeChalet and sent to the host. The remaining balance of your security deposit will be refunded to you.

However, in the case that the host's request is invalidated, no amount is deducted from the deposit and the full amount is returned to the guest.

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