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What do I need to know about setting the rental price of my property?
What do I need to know about setting the rental price of my property?

Setting the rental price of your property

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You are entirely free to set the price that suits you best for your property and you can change it whenever you want.

To help you set your price, you can try to see what prices are charged by hosts with similar properties in your area or city. When setting your price, you might want to include cleaning costs and other costs that you consider important. 

Options in your Price menu

  • Base price: this is the base price you are charging for your property.

  • Weekend pricing: you can set a different price for the weekend, i.e. for Friday and Saturday.

  • Cleaning fees: you can add a cleaning fee to cover your housekeeping costs.

  • Security deposits: you can request a security deposit from the traveller. It is automated and collected from the guest at the time of booking and then returned to the traveller 48 hours after check out.

  • Additional costs: you can charge an additional price after a certain number of guests.

  • Special service fees: you may charge special service fees that are not included in your rate (for example, for hosting pets or renting bicycles or kayaks). The price of the service can be charged as a one-time fee or per night, per guest or per night per guest.

Weekly and monthly discounts

To encourage long-term bookings, we suggest you offer a discount for weekly and monthly stays.

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