In terms of host payments, we currently use PayPal to manage all payments on our website

As a host, your payments are sent to your PayPal account 24 hours after the arrival of the guests who have booked your property. 

In fact, on our website, the entire payment process is automated and 100% secure. So all you have to do is simply insert your PayPal email address in your payment preferences.

PayPal is currently the only payment option we use to manage all payments on our site, however, as WeChalet evolves, other payment options will become available.

If you are asking for a security deposit, please note that the deposit will be collected at the payment stage and will be automatically returned to the guest 48 hours after the departure. This means that in the rare event that you have to make a partial or total deposit claim, you must contact the WeChalet support team within 48 hours after the guest's departure with the documentation explaining why you need to do seizures (photos, explanations, etc.).

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