If a host requires a security deposit, the amount will first appear in the prices section of the listing.

Once you enter all the details for your trip in the pricing box of the listing, the deposit amount will also appear under the total line.

All security deposits are paid by the guests and automated through WeChalet. 

In the rare case of damages, a host can request some or all of the security deposit within 48 hours after the guest checks out. 

If needed, a host can email WeChalet at support@wechalet.com with documentation of the damages (like photos or receipts), and request money from their guest. 

Hosts and guests can work out the details on their own, or they can choose to involve WeChalet if needed.

If no claim is made, the deposits are refunded automatically by WeChalet 48 hours after the check out. 

Note: All payments, including security deposits, should always be made through WeChalet. Don’t ever exchange money with a host or guest outside of the WeChalet website. Learn more about requests for offsite payments

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