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Why do I have to stay on WeChalet for my communications and transactions?
Why do I have to stay on WeChalet for my communications and transactions?

To secure your payments, we recommend that you always stay on WeChalet for your communications & transactions.

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WeChalet is a proud Canadian startup and we are investing heavily in the IT development of our platform and in its marketing to bring more and more reservations to all our hosts.

Since it is free to list your property on WeChalet, we generate an income when our hosts generate an income and it is with this income that we can reinvest in our website to better and better serve all WeChalet users, both hosts than travelers.

If you encourage travelers to transact offsite in an insecure way, it hurts the entire WeChalet community while posing the greatest risk of fraud on a platform like ours.

For these reasons, communicating outside of WeChalet prior to a booking is prohibited, as this prevents us from protecting your payments and transactions and exposes you to an increased risk of fraud and other security issues, such as phishing attempts.

For your personal safety, we, therefore, recommend that you always communicate directly on our platform and not to provide sensitive information that could allow you to communicate outside of WeChalet before completing a reservation.

It is important to never give out your email, phone number, or financial details before completing a reservation and do not accept transfers of funds outside of the WeChalet site.

As mentioned in our Terms of Use, if we identify that a payment has been made through a third-party service or if you encourage travelers to book with you offsite, we may cancel all your reservations and permanently deactivate your account.

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