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Can WeChalet hosts ask guests to sign a contract?
Can WeChalet hosts ask guests to sign a contract?

While we do not require travellers to sign a contract, hosts are permitted to request this from guests prior to validating the booking.

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We do not require travelers to sign a contract with the host.

To book, however, hosts who would like to have travelers to sign a contract must have it clearly stated in the description or house rules of their listing.

The terms of the contract must be discussed with the traveller prior to validating the reservation. The responsibility to inform travellers of a contract is not that of WeChalet but entirely that of the host.

If a host asks a traveller to sign a contract without having disclosed this before the booking is confirmed, the traveller reserves the right to accept or refuse to sign. In the event of a refusal to sign, the host can choose to honour the reservation or cancel it.

That said, please note that all financial transaction need to take place within WeChalet, including the management of the refundable security deposits.

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