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What are the service fees for WeChalet hosts?
What are the service fees for WeChalet hosts?

The service charge for WeChalet hosts is 3% plus applicable taxes and a service charge is also charged to guests.

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In order to help WeChalet run smoothly and cover the costs of the products and services we provide, such as maintaining our IT structure, advertising and customer service, we charge a service fee when a reservation is confirmed.

Fees for booking a property

We have two different service charge structures for booking a property: a service fee only for the traveler and a service fee only for the host.

Fees paid by the host

For the service charge on WeChalet, the host pays 3% service charge (plus applicable taxes) on their requested rental price. This helps cover the costs of credit, debit, and Paypal cards.

Fees paid by the guest

The guest pays 6% to 12% commission (plus applicable taxes) on the price requested by the host depending on the length of stay.

This commission helps pay our operational costs and plant a tree for each booking.

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