To fully accomplish its mission of connecting people together and to nature to form a community where hosts and travellers can easily connect for better travel and accommodation experiences, WeChalet has chosen a community based on inclusion and respect for all. 

The choice of this option is linked to the diversity of races, cultures and norms in order to avoid prejudice within the WeChalet community. In order to promote respect and hospitality towards all and without any distinction, WeChalet makes this option a commitment for all users of the platform.

WeChalet's commitment, far from being a strict imposition on users, is rather a set of principles developed to build a community where any individual is welcome. We ensure this, without going against or undermining the requirements of certain countries that allow or require individuals to be distinguished on the basis of their national origin, gender, family status or sexual orientation.

We therefore invite all, both employees, guests and travellers of WeChalet to be aware of and committed to the following principles, of WeChalet's non-discrimination policy in order to contribute to the effective accomplishment of our mission.

Inclusion on WeChalet: This principle requires hospitality from all platform hosts. No member of the platform shall be treated on the basis of racist and hateful prejudices relating to ethnic origin or skin colour, religion, national origin. The evolution of the community and the empowerment of individuals within it depends mainly on the commitment of the users of the platform to respect this principle and those constituting the non-discrimination policy.

Respect: Due to the diversity of cultural and traditional values within the WeChalet community due to the diverse origins of the platform members, we call on hosts to provide hospitality in strict respect to all travellers without distinction. We suggest that guests and travellers respect local laws and then build respectful relationships with everyone, including people whose views are contrary to their beliefs or education.

Non-discrimination rules for hosts in the WeChalet community.

It is necessary for guests to inquire about local laws in force in some countries regarding private housing and accommodation in order to define with us, if possible, their measures to adhere to the WeChalet non-discrimination policy or not. Here are the rules that our host community must obey when selecting and accommodating travellers.

WeChalet hosts must not:

  • Refuse a traveller because of his or her skin colour, ethnic origin, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity or family situation.

  • Impose any other selection criteria related to skin colour, ethnic origin, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity or family status.

  • Publish a listing or make any statement containing criteria of discrimination or preference based on colour, ethnic origin, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity or family status.

  • Refusing to rent to a traveller because of his gender. Except in the case of a shared apartment or the rental of a shared space where the host must share living spaces (toilets, bathroom, kitchen or common areas) with the traveller.

  • Impose any other gender-related selection criteria unless the host has to share living spaces with the traveller.

  • Impose any selection criteria or refuse a reservation due to the traveller's age or family status, where prohibited by law.

  • Refuse a traveller because of a real or perceived disability.

  • Impose other selection criteria of any kind related to a traveller's disability.

  • Judging, in place of a disabled traveller who will potentially be accommodated whether a dwelling meets his or her specific needs.

  • Find out about the existence or severity of a traveller's disability, or how to manage a disability in accommodation. However, if a traveller talks about his or her disability, a host can and should assess, with the traveller, the suitability of the accommodation for his or her specific needs.

  • Prohibit or limit the use of equipment/vehicles for people with reduced mobility.

On the other hand, WeChalet hosts can:

  • Provide accommodation for the host's gender only and not the other gender, when the host has to share living spaces with the traveller.

  • Provide accurate information about any facilities in the accommodation (or specify that there are none) suitable for people of a certain age or for families with children or babies.

  • Subject to the rules set out above, refuse to rent to a traveller for reasons that are not legally reprehensible. For example, unless prohibited by law, guests may refuse travellers accompanied by an animal or smokers.

  • Refuse a traveller who wants to smoke in a dwelling or limit the number of travellers per dwelling.

But WeChalet hosts must:

  • Provide accurate information about any accessibility facilities in the accommodation (or specify that there are none), in order to leave the traveller (especially if he/she is disabled) alone to judge the adequacy of the accommodation to his/her personal needs.

What are the consequences of non-compliance with our non-discrimination policy?

We ask WeChalet hosts to adhere to and comply with this Non-Discrimination Policy in their listings, with possible corrections based on the rules listed in the policy. We therefore strictly ensure that this policy of non-discrimination is respected within the WeChalet community since the growth of the community depends on it. Indeed, we will take measures in case of non-compliance with this policy by hosts who refuse to adhere to it and constantly violate it. These measures may include the suspension of access to the platform to these hosts.

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