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How to create a free listing on WeChalet?
How to create a free listing on WeChalet?

To create a free listing on WeChalet, you must first register as a host.

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First, follow this link to register as a free host. By clicking on Become a host you can either create a profile or connect to your existing account.

In the top menu, you can then create a listing from the Hosting section of your host account. To do this, click on Add a property and you will be required to follow the following 10 steps in order to be able to create and publish your listing on our site:

  • Location: indicate the geographical location of your property.

  • Your space: describe the type of property you will make available to guests. 

  • Amenities: describe the amenities your guests will have access to on your property.

  • Photos: upload the photos or 3D virtual tour of your property.

  • Description: describe your property.

  • Booking settings: select the booking parameters of your property.

  • Pricing: set the pricing options for your property. 

  • Calendar: synchronize and configure your property calendar.

  • Guests materials: describe the different materials you will make available to guests.

  • Status: you can choose to either publish your listing or pause it if necessary.

Note that at any time on each of these menus, you can click on the question mark symbol to access our help articles specific to each section listed above.

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