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What are the different types of properties and spaces that you can display on WeChalet?
What are the different types of properties and spaces that you can display on WeChalet?

WeChalet offers all sorts of properties and spaces in nature

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WeChalet offers all sorts of properties in nature, and travelers very often look for specific property types that can accommodate a number of guests when planning their stay. For example, through our search page, a traveler can search for a Country Home for 6 guests, with 3 beds, 2 bathrooms, and 3 bedrooms.

If you don't take the time to properly identify your property type and the number of guests it can accommodate, it will not appear in our search engine when travelers do this type of search.

It is therefore important to carefully select the type of property you are offering in the Space menu of your ad under the What type of space do you offer?

These include the following types of properties:

  • Cottages

  • Condos

  • Country Homes

  • Villas

  • Yurts, etc.

Note that we have three types of spaces that can be published on WeChalet:

  • Entire Home: The entire property is at the disposal of travelers. And generally, they have a bedroom, a kitchen, and a bathroom.

  • Private room: Guests have access to their own private room and other rooms can be shared with other people.

  • Shared room: Guests have a shared room or space that they can share with other people.

You must specify whether the property is solely reserved for guests or if certain areas are reserved for owners, such as a locked closet or inaccessible rooms.

It is in this section that you must also specify the maximum number of guests allowed. It will be impossible to book for more guests than the number entered this section.

You must also enter the number of bathrooms. A half bathroom represents half of a full bathroom. Therefore, if you have one full bathroom and one half bathroom, you should indicate 1.5.

Regarding properties that can move (mobile homes, boats, yachts, or others), they can only be displayed on WeChalet if they are parked in a defined and private place during the reservation and clearly specified in your advertisement.

Ads on WeChalet that do not meet these criteria violate the platform's terms of use. When we see such announcements, arrangements will be made at our level and may go as far as deactivating the WeChalet account of the host in question.

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