If a host requires a refundable security deposit, the amount will be shown in the Prices section of the listing.

Also, when you enter your trip details in the listing price box, the refundable security deposit amount will appear under the Total section.

Payment of refundable security deposits are automated by WeChalet and collected at the time of paying for the reservation. If there is no reclamation from the host, the refundable security deposit will be returned to you automatically 7 days after your departure.

Please note that if you paid for the reservation by Paypal, the refund will instantly appear in your Paypal account. But if you paid by debit or credit card, the refund will appear 5 business days after this refund.

All payments, including refundable security deposits, must always be made through WeChalet. Never exchange money with a host or guest outside of the WeChalet site.

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