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When am I charged for my WeChalet booking?
When am I charged for my WeChalet booking?

Once a WeChalet reservation request is sent, your payment method will be immediately charged.

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When you send a reservation request, or if you book an Instant Book property, your payment method will be charged immediately.

Regardless of the timeframe between your booking date and the date on which your reservation begins, the payment will only be sent to the host 24 hours after the start of your stay.

Should you cancel your booking, you will be refunded according to WeChalet's cancellation policy that the host has selected for his listing.

Following the reservation, you will have access to an invoice under the Transaction History menu for your transaction carried out on the platform, including your personal info and the details of your trip.

For your security, and as per our Terms and Conditions, payments outside the platform are not permitted.

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