There are a number of tips that can be put in place to differentiate your listing from the competition. To this end, we will therefore share with you in the following lines these different tips:

  1. Prepare your listing properly and update it if necessary

Properly preparing your listing is one of the main keys to help you differentiate your listing from the competition. Therefore, please:

  • Give your property an attractive and clear title and description.
  • Add high quality listing photos that highlight your property.
  • Always keep your calendars up to date to avoid refusals of booking requests.
  • Synchronize your calendars with those of other platforms to avoid double bookings.
  • Set competitive prices for your property that adapt according to the season and time of year.
  • Precisely define the rules of your house to be followed by guests and provide your contact details, Wi-Fi passwords and any other information necessary for the traveller to feel comfortable at home when they arrive.

      2. Manage your guests well 

When travellers have booked your property, you must be able to manage the time interval between the date of booking and the date of their departure from your property as required. This way you will ensure to:

  • communicate with your guests so that you can get to know them better and familiarize yourself with them before they arrive. You can also check their WeChalet profile for more details about them.
  • Respond to their messages within a reasonable time.
  • Ensure that they are welcomed when they arrive on your property, even in cases where you are absent.
  • Ensure proper cleaning of the property during their stay. If necessary, use a professional cleaning service for which you can include the cost in the rental price at the time of booking.
  • Ideally provide guests with basic products on your property such as soap, toothpaste, table water or kitchen vegetables.
  • Arrange in advance some general amenities (sheets, towels,...) necessary to quickly arrange the property between the departure of former guests and the arrival of new guests. If necessary, have several at your disposal so that you don't have to do laundry every time between a departure and a new arrival of guests.
  • Always listen to your guests and help them solve any problems or concerns they may have during their stay on your property.


      3. Improve your services by taking into account guests' comments.

Comments left by your former guests have an impact on your ranking in the search results and also on the attractiveness of your property to potential new guests. So the more good comments you have, the better it is for you. In general, new guests expect a high quality of service and old comments influence their choice of property. Therefore, it is important that you ensure that you always take into account the comments left to improve the quality of your service delivery and maintain a high quality of service to differentiate your listing from the competition.

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