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How do I delete my WeChalet account?
How do I delete my WeChalet account?

Here is how you can delete your account from the WeChalet platform.

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If you wish to delete your account on WeChalet, please let us know by sending us a message at

Prior to deleting your account, we will verify your identity and once confirmed we will proceed with the deletion.

As a host, should you have future bookings, we suggest you not delete your account but instead put your listings on Pause. By doing this, you will not receive any new booking requests but still be able to host your existing reservations and continue to receive your payments. Please see our article on how to pause your listing for additional insight.

Keep in mind that your account cannot be deleted if you have guests currently staying at your property. You will need to wait until the reservation is completed to delete your account.

It should be noted that despite the deletion of your account at any given time, you still have the possibility to recreate a new account on WeChalet if you wish to take advantage of the services offered on our platform again.

Once your account is deleted, your profile and listings will no longer be visible to any user of the platform.

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