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How should I choose my house rules on WeChalet?
How should I choose my house rules on WeChalet?

It is important to select your house rules carefully as they will appear in your listing and in our search engine.

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Your house rules give potential travelers a better idea of ​​your expectations. By adding your precise house rules, your property will appear in our search engine when certain filters are selected by travelers (pets, children, events, etc.).

You can add or modify your house rules at any time by following these steps:

  1. Log in to your WeChalet account.

  2. Go on Host Mode then under the Management - Listing menu, click on Edit at the bottom of the photo of your listing.

  3. Click on the Booking Settings menu and scroll down to House Rules.

  4. Select yes or no for all listed options as these rules will appear directly on the listing page of your property.

  5. If you have additional rules that are not listed, add them in the text box below Other rules.

  6. Click on Save.

The rules you set for your property will appear directly on your listing page and will be visible to travelers when they consult your listing. As a host, it is mandatory that you add rules to your property in order to be able to publish it on our website.

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