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Maximize Your Revenues on WeChalet Dynamic pricing
Maximize Your Revenues on WeChalet Dynamic pricing

How to Efficiently Price Your WeChalet Listing to Maximize Your Revenues

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You always display the same price throughout the year and the same minimum stay requirements?

Guide for Dynamic Pricing on WeChalet

1. Manual Pricing:

- Pricing should be tailored to the duration of your calendar's availability (e.g., 13 months for a calendar open for 12 months).

- Update your pricing every 30 days for the next 30 days of availability.

- Option to manually block certain periods

– Here's a video that can help you create effective pricing with minimal effort: WeChalet Pricing Tutorial: WeChalet Pricing Video Tutorial

2. Minimum Stay Rules and Different Prices:

- Create rules to adjust minimum stays and prices based on different times of the year (high and low seasons).

- Customize rules for long weekends such as Easter, Patriots' Day, etc.

- Check out our video example for easy implementation of rules.

Here's also a calendar that can help you identify the busiest periods of the year: WeChalet Calendar Help :WeChalet Calendar Example


- Dynamic pricing and adaptive rules maximize your revenues.

- Our team is here to assist you in optimizing your listing.

2. Dynamic Pricing Tools Available

Know that we are fully integrated with the dynamic pricing API of Pricelabs.

Click on the logo above for information on Pricelabs.

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