When you want your property to no longer be visible on our website for various reasons (e. g. updating information), you can pause it. This will allow you to republish your listing on wechalet.com whenever you want.
Here are the steps you will have to follow to put a listing in pause mode:

  1. Log in to your account on wechalet.com
  2. Among the items that appear next to your profile picture at the top right, please click on "Hosting".
  3. In the "Hosting" section, click on "Manage properties".
  4. Then position your cursor on the listing and click on "Edit". At this moment a drop-down list appears.
  5. Then click on ''Status''. You will be redirected to the page presenting the status of your listing.
  6. At this level, go down and click on the ''Pause Listing'' button. 

You will have paused your listing and it will no longer appear in the search results until you publish it again.

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