Traveler's searches are very often done by location or via the map and your address determines where your property should appear on our map so it is very important to put your exact address in your property listing on WeChalet.

Please follow these steps to change your home address or location on the map when you are on the WeChalet home page:

  1. Log into your WeChalet account.

  2. Click on Hosting then on Edit at the bottom of the photo of your listing.

  3. Click on Location.

  4. Enter the new full address of your home in the box Street Address.

  5. If your property does not appear in the right place on the map, you can manually move the location by clicking on the geographic map and moving it to the right place manually.

  6. Click on Save.

If your address does not appear in the WeChalet drop-down menu

Note that your exact address will never be disclosed publicly on WeChalet

Travelers who search on WeChalet will see the location of your property on the map but will not have access to the exact address of your property. It’s only after you have accepted a traveler's booking request that you will provide them with the exact address of your property through WeChalet's message box.

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