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How to search for properties that accept animals or pets on WeChalet?
How to search for properties that accept animals or pets on WeChalet?

WeChalet offers a search filter especially for pet owners who are looking for properties that can host animals.

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When traveling in nature, we understand that it's important for pet owners to find properties that can accept their furry friends. 🐕😻

If you are traveling with pets or animals, it's very easy to search properties that will accept them. Whether you are on the home page or search page, make sure to click on the Guest box and select Yes on Pets. Then, click on Apply.

That's it!

When in place, the search results will only show properties accepting pets.

Please note that in the House Rules section of a listing page, you can also check whether or not a property accepts pets. We also recommend that you always contact the hosts in case their properties accept pets to find out if there are any specific restrictions.

The case of personal assistance animals

Personal assistance animals are an important help to the people they accompany. So they should not be confused with pets. Therefore, in accordance with our Non-Discrimination Policy, guests are required to accept them into their properties unless this would endanger their health or those of other people living in the accommodation. Also, no additional costs whatsoever may be charged to the guest because he or she has a personal assistance animal.

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