In the "House Rules" section of a listing page, you can check whether or not a property accepts pets. We also recommend that you always contact the hosts in case their properties accept pets to find out if there are any specific restrictions.

Finding listings that accept pets

To find pets-friendly properties, please follow these steps:

1.On our website, go to the search bar at the top.

2.In the section for guests number, click on the arrow pointing downwards and then in front of "Pets" choose "Yes". Then indicate the number of adults, children and infants who will be part of your stay. And finally click on "Done".

3- Enter your destination and dates. 

4-When you finally click on "Search", you will see only properties that accept pets. 

However, although you will find listings among the pet-friendly properties, we recommend that you contact the hosts to confirm that the status is still current and if specific restrictions apply.

Verifying that a listing accepts pets 

Please follow these steps to check if a listing accepts pets:

1.Go to the listing page on

2.Scroll down to the "House Rules" section. At this level you will have an indication on whether the property accepts animals or not.

The case of personal assistance animals

In fact, personal assistance animals are an important help to the people they accompany. So they should not be confused with pets. Therefore, in accordance with our Non-Discrimination Policy, guests are required to accept them into their properties unless this would endanger their health or those of other people living in the accommodation.

Also, no additional costs whatsoever may be charged to the guest because he or she has a personal assistance animal.

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