You have the option, at the time of booking by the traveller, to set fees for additional services you offer to travellers staying on your property. But for the security of transactions, we do not allow any payments outside the WeChalet platform. 

Indeed, transactions that take place outside the platform are contrary to our terms of use. For this reason, we suggest that you, as a host, include all additional costs related to your property as soon as your listing is set up. 

These may include cleaning fees, special service fees or additional guest fees.

To add or modify additional charges related to your property:

1. Log in to your WeChalet account.

2. Go to the "Hosting" menu and click on "Edit" at the bottom of the photo of the listing for which you want to add additional fees.

3. Click on the "Pricing" menu.

4. On the page that appears you have the option of adding cleaning fees, special service fees or additional guest fees.  

  -To add cleaning costs, go to the "Cleaning fee" section.

  -To add additional guest fees, go to the "Extra guest fee" section.

  -If you wish to charge additional fees for special services such as breakfast, a maid or a bottle of wine, go to the "Special Service Fee" section.

5. Finally, click on "Save / Next".

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