A security deposit is an amount required by a host on the listing of his property and that you are required to pay in addition to the actual rental amount of the property.

This sum might be used in whole or in part to repair any damage you may cause during your stay in the property.  

At the time of an instant booking or an accepted booking request, a deduction equivalent to the amount of the deposit is made on your means of payment. 

 In the case that no damage is noted by the host, 48 hours after your departure from the property, the deduction from the amount of the deposit is released and the amount is fully refunded to your means of payment.

However, in the case of damage, a host may request part or all of the security deposit within 48 hours of your departure. If necessary, the host can contact WeChalet by email at support@wechalet.com and provide documentation related to the damage (such as photos or receipts) to ask for money. You and your host can work out the details yourself or choose to involve WeChalet if necessary.

Thus, when an amount is set to pay for the damage, this amount is subtracted from the security deposit withheld and then transferred to the host. The remaining amount is paid back to the guest's payment method.

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