Apart from the case of instant booking, we advise you to always contact the host of the chosen property to confirm the availability of its property on your dates as well as the specific restrictions related to its property. And you are always free to contact many hosts of your choice in the same area. 

Please do not make several paid booking requests at once unless you want to rent several properties

But if necessary, contact several hosts before sending them booking requests. 

We recommend that you contact at least two hosts before booking to find out about availability and any special restrictions related to their properties. After their answers, when the information is convenient for you, you can then send a reservation request.

It should be remembered that the majority of our hosts respond, within a reasonable time, to requests sent to them. More than half of booking requests are answered within an hour of being sent. The vast majority of hosts respond within 12 hours. This should allow you to be quickly noticed on a property in order to know if you should send a booking request to its host or not.

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