The total price of a reservation on WeChalet is based on the nightly rate set by the host, plus the addition of other fees or costs determined by either the host or WeChalet. These may include:

  • Cleaning costs: These are cleaning costs that a host may charge in addition to the basic price per night of his property.
  • Security deposits: It is possible that the host may request a security deposit from the traveller.
  • Additional costs: This is the cost that a host can charge, beyond a certain number of guests.
  • Taxes: Hosts are responsible for including taxes in the prices according to the tax laws in force in their country.
  • Special Host fees: The host may charge a special service fee that is not included in your departure fare (for example, for hosting pets or renting bicycles or kayaks). 
  • WeChalet service fee: These are our fees used to develop and market WeChalet. 

To obtain the exact price of your booking, you just need to click on the property you selected after your search. The total cost of your booking is automatically generated by a built-in WeChalet platform system that takes into account all details according to your preferences and the options set by the host.

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