Filter options  allow you to refine your search to find the type of property you want. 

When you start your search by indicating your destination, your dates and the number of your guests, you will be on the page that allows you to select the first three filter elements: the space type, the price filter and the instant booking mode.

 -Space type: gives you the opportunity to find properties that offer either the entire home, a private room or a shared room.

-Price: allows you to choose the price range of the property to book.

-Instant book: Allows you to find properties that you can book instantly.

In case these filters are not sufficient, you can access more filters by clicking on "More filters" to be able to access the remaining filter elements.

The remaining filter elements are as follows:

-Space layout: allows you to choose the type of property, the number of beds or the number of bathrooms you want in the property. 

-General amenities: allows you to select the amenities you want, such as air conditioning, bed linens, TV cable or dryer. At this level, click on "Show all general" to have more options.

-Accessibility: Allows you to select the mode of access to the property which can be either a private entrance, a single-level home, an elevator in the building or wheelchair accessibility.

-Kitchen: allows you to select the kitchen components you want to have on the property. For example, a coffee maker, a dishwasher or a refrigerator.

-Services: these are the services you want to access in the property. For example, it could be a breakfast included, free parking on premises or an electric vehicle charger.

-Family features: you can choose the equipment you want to find on the property: baby bath, bathtubs, children’s books and toys, for example. At this level, click on "Show all family features" to have more options.

-Outdoor space: you will be able to choose the outdoor elements you want, the property to have. For example: access to water, barbecue, jacuzzi/spa, fire pit, hammocks or swimming pool. At this level, click on "Show all Outdoor Space" to have more options.

-Sports and adventures nearby : these are the sports and adventures that can be practised near the property. For example, alpine skiing, golf, kayaking,fishing or hiking. At this level, click on "Show all Sports and Adventures nearby" to have more options.

-Suitable for events: you will choose the type of special event you can perform on the property. For example: art show, conferences, corporate meetings or birthday party. At this level, click on "Show all suitable for events" to have more options.

After choosing these filter options, please click on ''View properties'' to access the properties that match your search criteria. 

Remember that we are always looking to simplify and improve your search experience. For this purpose, over time some filters can be deleted and others added. However, there is not yet the possibility to search with keywords.

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